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I feel like there should be a collective post of the Alex Day posts like there was with the Tom Milsom stuff that people who are confused can be directed to, so:

Note that not all of these people experienced sexual abuse or assault— some are just detailing general manipulation, disrespect of boundaries, etc.

Sexual Abuse and YouTube (first person to come forward)

Sexual Abuse and YouTube 2 (second person, elaborated further in subsequent posts)

alex day is a sexual predator who targets young people (third person)

I’ll add more if there is more, but this is everything I’ve seen.


On mistakes (Alex’s response— he’s deactivated his blog since, so it’s only available in reblogged form)

On mistakes 2 (response to his response, from the first person to come forward/author of the first Sexual Abuse and YouTube post)

On mistakes 3 + Upon reflection of Alex’s post (responses to his response, from the second person to come forward/author of the second Sexual Abuse and YouTube post)

Update again:

A fourth person has come forward & also shared the story of a fifth

Said fifth person has also now made their own post

And again:

Here are two posts written by Tikken, an ex-girlfriend of Alex’s, about problematic behavior in their relationship

Re: On mistakes (a response by Lex Croucher, YouTuber and former friend of Alex’s)

Pottermoosh has also posted about manipulation and coercion over the course of her friendship with Alex (+ she has now made further posts on the subject)

And another update:

Couldn’t sleep. wanted to rant too. for the final time. (the ninth person to come forward)

Alex Day. (the tenth person to come forward)

There are now at least ten people, seven of whom are not anonymous, that have spoken out about shitty things Alex Day has done. Can we please start taking this seriously now and not dismissing it as “anons lying for notes”?

Final update (probably):

On consent (Alex’s second response + admission + request for DFTBA to remove his merch)

Post by Alan Lastufka of DFTBA Records

Pottermoosh's response to Alex's “On consent” post

I was wrong, update again:

Standing up for the count (an eleventh person has come forward)

ALRIGHT. (a post by YouTuber Kerri Shore about similar patterns from Alex very recently)

Sort-of response and very important post by Liam Dryden (friend/bandmate of Alex)

Response from Lex:





And again:

On the YouTube abuse scandal that has come up over the past few days. (Tomipuff, now the thirteenth person, has come forward about their experiences)

The Last Week (Carrie’s response)

WTF Is Going On? (Hank Green’s response)

Sexual Abuse, Consent, and Losing Friends (Charlie McDonnell’s response)

Semi-response from Kristina Horner (YouTuber and ex-girlfriend of Alex’s)

Update (May 2014):

Turning 25 (unlisted video uploaded by Alex and added to one of his public playlists— this link is to a transcript)

Update (June 2014):

Alex may or may not have had his book cancelled

Carrie has cut off contact with Alex

Update (August 2014):

Alex has recently been running a stall in Camden Market selling Lifescouts badges (PSA for anyone who might be around that area and would rather avoid him)

Alex being manipulative on reddit

Alex being a shitbag in the comments of a video by another admitted YouTube rapist

A post about Alex by Hannah (YouTuber and survivor of abuse from Alex’s friend/bandmate Eddplant)

Another underage girl has come forward